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The number of businesses sold is increasing at an exponential rate every year. In 2018 alone, more than 10,000 businesses were sold. If you are considering selling your business, you can opt for professional help through business brokers. A business broker is not a requisite for selling your business, but they have their advantages. Selling a business is time-consuming, needs expertise, and a lot of patience as there will be a lot of back and forth involved. A business broker reduces the workload and eases the stress. Sunbelt Business Brokers is one of the most renowned business brokers and claims to have sold thousands of businesses. This article provides a comprehensive insight into Sunbelt’s history, operation, process, and achievements to help readers determine if they should seek Sunbelt’s assistance.

Sunbelt Business Brokers: A Brief History

Sunbelt specializes in assisting business owners to sell their businesses. Additionally, Sunbelt cooperates with companies and individuals that are looking to purchase a business. Every year, Sunbelt works with thousands of buyers and business sellers to achieve their targets.  

Sunbelt was established in 1978 in Charleston, South Carolina, by Ed Pendarvis. During the mid-1990s, Ed set up this enormously successful business brokerage operation and started to license business brokerage offices under Sunbelt.

In 2016, Sunbelt was acquired by Merrymeeting, Inc. With access to Merrymeeting resources, Sunbelt increased its capacity to invest in education programs and develop state-of-the-art technology and systems to provide the best to its clients and solidify its lead in the industry. 

As of now, Sunbelt has approximately 250 offices spread across the globe. They have set up offices in countries like Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Norway, Mexico, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, Argentina, and Guatemala. To accrue a competitive advantage by combining local and global knowledge, International Sunbelt offices are managed by an experienced owner residing and working in their country of operation.

On their website, Sunbelt claims that they possess the largest main street and lower business intermediary firm in the world, the highest number of certified business intermediaries, thousands of registered individuals looking to purchase businesses, and more business for sale listings than all major competitors combined. They are also the authors of the book “Selling Your Business For Dummies.”

Sunbelt Business Brokers Core Values

Sunbelt also maintains a set of core values to guide its business decisions and organizational culture. These cultural values are underlined as:


Sunbelt takes all decisions with the profit of investors/owners in mind. This also allows them to accrue capital for investment in their people and operating processes.


Sunbelt also propounds excellence. They continuously strive to meet the expectations of their customers and reward their people for minimizing costs and enhancing service quality.


Objectives are also clearly stated to all shareholders, franchisees, employees, and others. Additionally, performance is measured against these objectives, and operational processes are continuously enhanced to achieve these objectives.

Golden Rule

The company also emphasizes respect in every stage of the process. 


Sunbelt also operates through forthrightness and honesty. They strive to follow the highest ethical standards, offer timely and transparent financial reporting, disclose bad news, and even welcome disagreement.

Sunbelt Process Of Selling A Business

For those wanting to engage in business with Sunbelt, they have laid out a comprehensive and unconventional method of helping their clients sell their business. A meticulously structured methodology has been put in place to invite offers while reducing business interruptions and ensuring absolute confidentiality.

Analyze And Prepare The Business

Firstly, Sunbelt brokers try to decipher what buyers look for in a business. After that, they work with a team of qualified brokers to ensure that the business is sold at the best price and as quickly as possible.

Generate Value Estimates And Deal Structures

As deals can be subjective, Sunbelt brokers offer their clients various deal structures along with their expert advice.

Develop Marketing Assets

Sunbelt’s team of experts designs business profiles, and classified business reviews along with other collateral to compel buyers’ interest.

Launch Confidential Business promotion

When dealing with particular businesses, Sunbelt puts a lot of emphasis on strategy/promotions/internet marketing. They not only advertise their client’s business on their website but on numerous other industry-leading websites that potential buyers routinely visit.

Executive Off-Line Marketing Strategies

Thanks to its massive international network, Sunbelt draws potential buyers from across the globe. They access their huge databases to find the most suitable strategic corporate buyers, private equity groups, and individual buyers as well.

Respond To And Screen Potential Buyers

Sunbelt’s Marketing Program is crafted to produce buyer inquiries that are meticulously screened. After that, the list is narrowed down to the best prospective buyers.

Manage Buyers And Evaluate Offers

They also work with the professional advisors of their clients and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each offer. The Sunbelt process is designed to derive the best offers.

Expedite The Due Diligence Process

After the client accepts and finalizes the offer, Sunbelt brokers assist in coordinating the due diligence process. They work with lenders, attorneys, and accountants to ensure that the process is coherent.

Prep The Documents And Close The Deal

To ensure a seamless transition, Sunbelt aids with the exchange of information, including logistics and closing documents.

The Sunbelt Business Brokers Advantage

Sunbelt has been in the industry for more than 30 years and has amassed a huge network of highly-skilled brokers to help clients get the best deal whether they want to buy or sell their business. In addition to that, Sunbelt offers their clients a blog and free resources as well.

Sunbelt network has also set up their exclusive Business Buyer’s University, which is a comprehensive program offering one-on-one coaching and proven tools.

Sunbelt Business Brokers Achievements

Throughout its years of operation, Sunbelt has received various accolades for establishing consumer confidence and cementing its position in the industry.

Final Verdict

Overall, Sunbelt is an established, genuine, and above-average business brokerage operation. They deal with companies small and large with annual reserves ranging from $500,000 to $50 million. Their experience in the industry, skilled brokers, and huge databases and networks give them an edge over their competitors. On their website, Sunbelt has also listed companies for sale. They are best for middle-market companies, and they have vast experience selling small businesses. However, commission rates are unknown.