Murphy Business Brokers

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As baby boomers begin to retire, it is expected that over 12 million privately held companies and over 10 trillion of assets will be transferred. In the US alone, an estimated 20% of businesses are up for sale. This happens due to a myriad of reasons such as the baby boomer generation retiring, sellers looking for other ventures, or owner burnout. Regardless of the reason, selling a business can be the right choice at times. If you want to sell your business, you might consider business brokers as they are experts in the field and can provide much-needed guidance. Murphy Business Sales is one of the most talked-about brokers in the industry. Are they worth it? Read on to find out. 

Murphy Business Sales: A Brief History

Murphy Business And Financial Corporation LLC were established in 1994 by Roger J. Murphy. Their journey began with a single firm in Clearwater, FL, which quickly developed into a countrywide network of expert business brokers. Murphy Business claims to be one of the most eminent business brokerage firms in North America.

They have set up numerous offices across the United States and in Canada as well. Murphy Business brokers offer a huge range of business consultation, business valuation, and business brokerage services. On their website, they claim to have over 1000 businesses for sale and generate more than $253,209,000 in gross profits every year. 

How Murphy Business Brokers Partners With Sellers

Murphy Business brokers work closely with their sellers in every stage of the process and ensure that their clients obtain the maximum profit possible. Firstly, they start by having an in-depth understanding of their client’s needs and requirements.  After that, a comprehensive strategic plan containing a clear outline of the associated costs and recommendations of Murphy business expert brokers are presented to the clients.

Whether it is formulating a marketing strategy, examining prospective buyers, valuing the business, or negotiating terms, Murphy Business Sellers stays in close contact with their clients. They ensure an efficient and quick sale of the business, ensuring maximum satisfaction with the process and end results.

How Murphy Business Brokers Partners With Buyers

Through their massive networks across North America, Murphy Business Sellers aids potential buyers to connect with organizations and companies with similar interests. They have put in place a very methodological and proven method that has worked for years. They start by listening to the buyer’s requirements and plans for business ownership. They ensure that the deal is closed efficiently and quickly.

Murphy Business Brokers guide the buyers throughout the entire purchasing process while keeping them up to date on financial and procedural issues. Additionally, Murphy Business Buyers also connect their clients with the most suitable business, real estate, legal, banking, and accounting partners who have the expertise to ensure that the deal is closed with the greatest ease. Since its beginnings in 1994, Murphy Business has created an impressive track record of successful business transactions, and they claim to have a high closing ratio every year.

Murphy Business Affiliations And Credentials

Affiliations and credentials are an effective way of assessing whether the business is genuine or not. To ensure that their clients receive the best of professional services, Murphy Business has accumulated various affiliations and credentials throughout the years. On their website, they have provided a comprehensive list of their certifications and affiliations.

Their certifications include:

  • Certified Mergers And Acquisition Intermediary
  • Certified Machinery And Equipment Appraisers
  • Business Valuation Specialists
  • Certified Business Counselors
  • Certified Senior Business Analysts
  • Certified Business Appraisers
  • Board Certified Intermediary
  • Certified Business Intermediaries

Additionally, they also have various affiliations:

  • National Association Of Certified Valuation Analysts
  • National Equipment And Business Builders Institute
  • International Business Brokers Association
  • Institute of Business Counselors
  • International Society Of Business Analysts
  • National Equipment And Business Builders Institute
  • Institute Of Business Appraisers

These affiliations and certifications show that Murphy Business is a genuine and established business broker company providing professional services to its clients.

Murphy Business Brokerage Process

When selling a business, Murphy Business Sellers utilize proven strategies and resources to guarantee that their customers receive full value when they sell their business. On their website, they have furnished a detailed step-by-step guide of their business selling process:

Non-Disclosure Agreement

Before any decision is initiated, Murphy Business Sellers invokes a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure maximum confidentiality throughout the entire process.

Determine Market Value

Murphy Business Brokers also offer their expert opinion of market value or suggest a valuation. The valuation expert will collect and examine your business’s historical and financial information to offer an accurate market value of your business.

Sign Engagement Agreement

After valuation is completed and the seller chooses to sell their business, Murphy Business Sellers will initiate an official Engagement Agreement to sell the business. Until the sale is finalized, Murphy ensures the confidentiality of the business. 

Market And List Your Business

After that, a personalized marketing strategy is employed to attract genuine buyers, after which the business is advertised through leading national/global business brokerage networks.

Qualify Buyers And Negotiate Offers

Murphy Business brokers undertake a meticulous procedure to screen potential buyers and ensure that they have the financial resources to purchase and also the capability to succeed after they buy the business. Murphy brokers work with the sellers to evaluate different offers and choose the right one. If needed, they also negotiate with buyers.

Close The Transaction

After an agreement has been reached, Murphy Business brokers work with their clients to close the deal. They also assist the buyers in acquiring financing. They aim to ensure a smooth transaction, reduce the requirement for seller financing, and guarantee financial stability for the business post-sale.

Final Verdict

Murphy Business Sellers is a legitimate business brokerage company that has been in the industry for more than 25 years. They have a huge network in the United States but are limited by a low international presence. They provide extensive information to sellers and potential buyers. They publish the business on various national and international networks to pull the most suitable potential buyers. Other than business brokerage services, Murphy Business Sellers also provides business consulting and commercial real estate, acquisition, and merger services, among others.