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After some time, business owners decide to venture into other businesses and sell their own business. There are various reasons someone would like to sell their business, and at times, it can be the best decision. Selling a business is a very complex process, and without the right assistance, it could take months and years before you find the right buyer. In such a case, a Business broker can be of tremendous help. With the right business broker, the entire process can be expedited. LINK Business Brokers is one of the most talked-about in the industry. Here’s everything you need to know about them. 

LINK Business Brokers is one of the most well-known business brokers in the world. Set up in 1996 as a small Auckland-based brokerage, it has now established a strong presence in the United States, Philippines, Australia, and New Zealand. While entering the US market, LINK partnered with celebrated business broker Ron Hottes who converted his Los Angeles-based brokerage to LINK. In 2019, Richard Hersey became the director of LINK USA, LLC.

As of now, they have numerous offices all over the world. On their website, they claim to have over 500 LINK business brokers and over 3000 businesses for sale across the globe. The businesses listed on their websites total over 2 billion USD. They also claim to host over 250,000 active buyers.

To sell a business, LINK follows a very meticulous 9-step process to ensure that their clients make the maximum profit. On their website, they have included a very detailed explanation of the 9 step process.


Firstly, they efficiently plan to sell the business in question. LINK brokers assist their clients in recasting their profit and loss so that the exact discretionary earnings can be determined.

Business Value Appraisal

LINK understands that every business is unique, and thus, they employ experts to help establish the true market value of a business.


An information memorandum (IM) is detailed documentation that provides a very comprehensive overview of the business. LINK crafts the IM document of their clients accurately and honestly while following all the required laws and regulations.

Identifying Buyers

Through its massive database, LINK approaches the most appropriate buyers without disclosing any sensitive information. They ensure that the seller has the right buyer at the right price.


LINK carefully and effectively creates marketing campaigns through social media, web, brochures, ads, and other communications without identifying the seller’s business to attract the most suitable buyers.

Qualifying Buyers

LINK understands that not every buyer is genuine, which can delay the selling process. As a result, LINK maintains a very strict and effective method of vetting potential buyers.

Sale And Purchase Agreement

After reviewing the IM of the business, if a potential buyer wants to seek extra information, LINK brokers can co-ordinate the process by liaising with the business owner or their legal representative for forming a conditional Sale and Purchase Agreement.

Due Diligence

During the due diligence process, buyers may want to verify the business information. Additionally, they can also request to review the information that was previously withheld due to sensitivity. This process takes about a week, but for more complicated cases, it can take up to 90 days or more. LINK brokers can oversee the process and ensure that everything goes through smoothly.


Finally, if all conditions are agreed upon between the seller and the buyer, the business is regarded as unconditional. Documents will be finalized, stocktake will be executed, and the sale will be settled.

To stand out in the industry, LINK offers its clients various advantages. With experience, knowledge, and a proven process, LINK closes hundreds of deals every year.

Global Reach, Local Knowledge

LINK databases have a huge potential buyer list of over 250,000, making it easy for sellers to find the most suitable buyer. LINK also invests in local SEM enabling buyers in the seller’s location to easily find the business for sale through LINK’s formidable search engine.

Through ONE.LINK, the company’s expert brokers, can easily manage the sales process, examine the latest business trends, and initiate comprehensive research to understand buyer intentions.

With the help of the company’s award-winning Valu.Link tool, LINK brokers are able to provide a precise appraisal by utilizing accurate algorithms and global sales data.

Sector Specialists

LINK brokers have vast knowledge, and experience and have established important connections that they can apply to particular sectors. They are well-versed with the hurdles of the industry and can match the most suitable buyers with sellers.

Through decades of being in the industry, LINK has established very effective and precise marketing tools. They promote the businesses for sale through various methods such as advertising, web, social media, networking, and emails.

Proven Process

Through skilled negotiation and decades of experience, LINK has successfully sold various businesses throughout their years of operation.

What makes LINK stand out from the rest is that its brokers undergo rigorous training. Their brokers are leaders in the industry, ensuring that their clients receive services of only the highest professional standard.

Complete Confidentiality

Throughout the entire process, LINK also maintains absolute confidentiality. They are highly skilled in understanding what a buyer needs without disclosing any information and maintaining transparency for their clients.

Another huge advantage of LINK is that they have a ‘Featured Businesses For Sale section on their website where various genuine businesses are listed along with their price, location, sales, profit, and even the broker’s name. They also have a knowledge center through which various helpful articles, brochures, magazines, and e-newsletters can be accessed and downloaded.

Final Verdict

LINK has been in the industry for a long time and has helped close hundreds of deals. They have a global presence, and have various unique tools to aid their clients to get the best deals and deal with all sorts of businesses. However, they have not listed any fees on their website. If you are looking for a business broker in the United States, Philippines, Australia, or New Zealand, LINK can be an excellent choice.